Lo-Kag Stonegarten


Lo-Kag is from the city of Frost Point. My father was a miner and my mother was a seasonal fisherman. Both parrents were killed in a mine collapse. I have a younger brother and a sister. My brother Joric is a miner and my sister Sankil Has been working in the shipping industry. A couple months after our parents died I found a small case made of Mithral under the floor boards in their room. No matter how hard I tried to would not open.

I have worked in the mines and have also worked with an old dwarf as an assistant weaponsmith. One day while working it fell into the forge and some strange writing appeared on it. I copied it down and have been trying to decipher it since. For several years now I have been working as an agent for the Council of Aeroven as a Weaponmaster and have found this enjoyable. When called for our latest mission, the box started moving reacting to the orbs that other charecters had and a crystal orb poped out of my box. Found out that it was Mihr an ancient mithryl dragon that had choosen the path of the hier as a means of travel. My family has been connected to her since.

Towards the end of our quest to defeat the Bisgoths, I meet a tribe of Goliaths from the White mountains. After meeting them I became the Clansire through a mystical mating ritual that helps to keep the clan strong and wouldn’t you know it they mainly worship Kord also.

My brother and sister have since moved to this clan, Joric is looking for some good places to mine and Sankil is seting up a good base for trading in a close by village. I have also requested that a portal be set up so that travel will be easier for me between the clan and my duty to Aerospire.

Lo-Kag Stonegarten

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