Lerissa Firebane


Lerissa has been raised with the knowledge of her mothers name but that is it. While growing up she worked with Epys Blackhoof and her son Drevok who is a pervert. She left as soon as she could to find some adventure and became a warlock. She chose the fey pact and bonded with an arch fey who called itself Von’dal. Her mentor was Sorrah, a former member of the group who turned out to be the Head Bisgoth of Tiamot and the group killed. While adventuring with the group she has become interested in finding information about her past and her parents. All she had to go on was her mothers name and where she was from. She passed this information on to Nyx and he came up with some very interesting information.

Lerissa’s background is one of pain and embarassment. Her mother (Seran Poven) worked as a guard for a Argentonia ambasador to the Asper Coast. During this visit a warlock named Mok Venarion was smiten with Seran, she did not feel the same way and rejected him. After this rejection He waited till she was by herself and assulted and raped her. Due to this incident the ambasador packed up and left the Asper Coast. When the group left, Seran’s sister Epys Blackhoof decided to stay and went to Aerospire to work as a beast handler. When Seran got back home she found out that she was pregnent, she made arrangements to have the child sent to her sister as soon as she was born. She made everyone swear to keep this secret.

Along with this information there is information on Mok Venarion. This person is still in Asper Coast and is a warlock of the star pact with a notorious reputation. The biggest news is that Mok is the grand nefew of Oko. Oko himself had set up a dinner in order to break the information in person and to welcome Lerissa to the family. Lerissa has not yet decieded on what she is going to do about this person named Mok.

Lerissa Firebane

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