World of Tharyg: the Sionilli Peninsula


As the final battle ensued, all 8 of the Orbs that the party carried activated; each orb manifested a metallic Dragon in service to Bahamet. So, on the battle field we have our party of 7, 16 dragons, the evil Sorrah, the theoretical gnome wizard-Nyx, an ancient Dragonborn priest, and a gnome apprentice to Lucien. Nyx has repeatedly requested from different members of the group that they need to retrieve the book Sorrah had stolen.

Aramis did not wait for permission before he mounted one of the dragons his orbs produced; and took to the air. The brutal battle raged and seemed to be heading in our troupes favor. More than one party-members’ plan to retrieve the book was wasted when our pal Nyx, took it upon himself to teleport directly within range of a partially manifested Tiamat; grabbed the book and run back to the “grotto” where the other non-combatants were sheltered. This was enacted to the ire of his fellow operatives.
Sorrah’s white dragon; Shax, laid some heavy damage on a number of players. Arrin suffered especially hard, and the Dragonborn priest Te’id came out of the “grotto” and assisted her recovery. Bahamet had also granted Te’id renewed vigor and vitality by de-aging him significantly.

The team had been employing a special tactic of broadcasting their “voices” telepathically to Sorrah; in an effort to throw her off and unbalance her tactics. Because of the constant barrage of “voices,” Sorrah was extremely short tempered; and ended up being forced to attack Tiamat. This resulted in one of Tiamats rotating corporeal heads (the Red head) to snatch down and remove Sorrahs’ head. Sorrahs’ death while fighting for Tiamat was the last energy the spell needed to fully manifest Tiamat. Now the team had the Dragon Queen to contend with as well!!!

With dive-bombing and aerial tactics employed by Aramis and the steady whittling down of the various dragons by the party meat shields and magic users; they were down to the green dragon and the purple in addition to Tiamat. Te’id managed to dominate Tiamat making her retreat to her abysmal plane. With Tiamat gone, the other two dragons reverted to an elemental state and discorporated.

“The Night Cowls” emerged victorious and were granted boons by Bahamet, increasing their strength and power. The summer Queen threw a lavish celebration and awarded the team an additional 5 Astral Diamonds each. All magic items related to this quest, unique items and items of Bahamet and Pelor were granted additional strengths.



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