World of Tharyg: the Sionilli Peninsula

Bisgoth War: approaching the finale

Our adventures, significantly short-handed, so far:

In the busy merchant trade center of Carvan Hall, at its’ Eastern gate which leads
to a nature preserve/vacation spot, 6 children were kidnapped by Kobalds and Goblins.
An ad-hoc team of villagers, parents and adventurers head out to save the children. The
group consisted of Sorrah, a Dragonborn Sorceress, Aramis, a Halfling Rogue, Udag, A
Goliath Warden, and Marcian, a Human War priest of Pelor.
The team encountered many Kobalds, Goblins, and Orcs in a mysterious castle
that materialized on the beach. In the maze of the castle 4 of the children were saved.
The Maze lead our hero’s against two Minotaurs that had been mind controlled. These
Minotaurs were recognized as Gladiators from the Games in Ogacihc. After freeing the
Minotaurs, Sorrah announced she had a mission to complete and must leave; but, a
replacement was on his way. Lucien and Eladrin Wizard arrived to assist the team in
rescuing the remaining children. The team encountered a Warlock who described
himself as the “Bisgoth of the Maze” as he continued to bleed, drink, and revive the
remaining two children; he unleashed a giant Minotaur demon against the team.
The team succeeded in rescuing the children, banishing the demon and destroying
the “Bisgoth.” While the team relaxed and received accolades from the villagers, an
elderly Tiefling (Okonapolous or Oko) and dwarf (Yanatari or Yan) approached them
and told them that this is the beginning of an incursion of “Bisgoths” that are meant to
ultimately bring forth the Dragon Queen, Tiamat. The group is offered a monthly stipend
and bonuses for each destroyed “Bisgoth”; to become operatives of the Council of
Aeroven in Aerospire. It is revealed later on that not only is Sorrah already an operative;
but, so is Lucien.
The team solidifies and starts hunting down Bisgoths; also they learned that a key
to defeating the entire incursion is the collection of the hidden “Orbs of Bahamet”. The
team hunkers down and digs in to both tasks. This tactic confuses the Bisgoths, because
they are unsure of the nature or necessity of the orbs.
The operatives are joined by Arrin, a Pixie War Priest of Pelor with the title of
a “Bride of Pelor”, and Lo-Kag, a Goliath weapons master, and Lerissa, a Tiefling
warlock. They discover a traitor in their midst as Marcian is brutally attacked as a tome
regarding the Bisgoth incursions, that he was studying, was stolen. It was discovered that
the attacker and thief was their comrade Sorrah. Sorrah apparently was behind the
incursion and considers her self the final Bisgoth, the “Bisgoth of the Dragon Queen.”
With a fervent desire to “nail” the traitor the team quickly defeats a dozen
Bisgoths and gathered 7 orbs and fought 7 chromatic dragons. In the meantime the
Royal family of Ogacihc went through a major upheaval as Prince Agamar assassinated
his father and the entire Royal court; with the exception of is brother Venatar (or Ven)
who was offsite. Most of the team was hidden but present at the assassination, when
Lucien acted during the chaos to retrieve Vens’ “Scepter of the heir.” The Scepter, it
turned out had a hidden orb in it. Sorrah’s involvement in the Coup was also discovered
at that time.

Throughout the Sionilli Peninsula the team has garnered a reputation of strength
and power; they have received the nickname “The Night Cowls.” The names is because

of the cowls each wears that appear as a night sky, produce light as if from a candle, and
its interior is shadow producing. It obscures the face of its wearer.

The Night Cowls prepare to travel to the Fey wild and petition the Summer
Queens’ Court for permission to cross her territory to attack Sorrah’s lair. Nyx, the
apprentice to Oko and the dispenser of knowledge, has researched the orbs and the
Bisgoth incursion. His theory is that the orbs will transform into the aspects of Metallic
dragons in service to Bahamet to fight the Chromatic dragons that are sure to resurface in
the battle against Sorrah.

The Night Cowls are preparing for a Massive battle.



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